WEDU Inc. Accredited Judges

The list below is complete and correct. Clubs running Official WEDU Inc. competitions are required to use WEDU Inc. accredited judges. Unofficial club competitions are allowed but rider results are not counted towards WEDU Inc.Award Pointscore. 

All WEDU Inc. accredited judges are required to attend a WEDU Inc. judges clinic with a number of assessments being made prior to and following this clinic.

A comprehensive curriculum for WEDU Inc. Judge Accreditation is being updated. Further details will be provided once this has been completed.

Judges clinics are organised and run by either affiliated clubs or individual members. Contact WEDU Inc. via well in advance if you wish to organise a judges clinic in your area.

List of Current WEDU Inc. Accredited Judges


Kim - Aberglassyn, NSW

Coralie Smyth - Somersby, NSW

Cody - Berry, NSW


Sarah - Christchurch, N.Z.



Merrill - Bellbird, NSW


Ariana - Mt Vincent, NSW

Scott - Mt Vincent, NSW

Kim Drury, New Zealand



Kate Collins - - Woodstock, NSW

Meagan Pratt - - Ourimbah, NSW


Diana - Central Coast, NSW

Elizabeth Glenorie, NSW

Warren Pogonoski - Mudgee, NSW

Cheryl - Bilgola Beach, NSW

Judy Anshaw - - Wybong, NSW


Susan Wild - - Nowra Hill, NSW

Gayle Loose - - Sussex Inlet, NSW


Jannie Smit - - Far North QLD

Gail Bradshaw - - Far North QLD

Yvonne Frizzo - - Far North QLD

Patricia - British Colombia, Canada


Susan - Canterbury, N.Z. 


Liz Brown New - Nelson, N.Z.


Lynda Canterbury, N.Z.


Kirsty - Onewhero, N.Z.