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WEDU Inc. held its AGM on Tuesday 28th July and the committee for the 2020/2021 year has been elected. The incoming committee; Coralie Smyth, Mark Mason, Meagan Pratt and Jenny Mason would like to thank all the outgoing committee members Cody Wilson, Liz Jones, Kim Peterson, Sue Johnson and Kirsten Crowell for all their hard work and effort over the past year.

Keep an eye out for WEDU workshops and webinars. Additionally accreditation for mentors, coaches and judges is being developed and updated.

Website updates and improved formatting of the website are currently underway. This is being directed by the feedback we received from the member Survey that was conducted by the committee. The committee appreciates that this is a little frustrating for members if documents are are not easily accessed whilst construction is underway.

Please contact via email if you are unable to access any documents.

WEDU Inc. membership number will now be used for competition rider/bridle numbers - so that we can manage the pointscore system every horse and rider combination will need a unique number.  This will be the membership number you were assigned by Nominate when you joined WEDU Inc.  You will be asked to give your membership number on the comp entry forms. If you cannot locate your WEDU Inc. Membership number you can email us and we can retrieve it off Nominate for you.  If you have more than 1 horse then you need to email us and obtain a letter for your second horse, eg.  WEDU Inc. membership number 40 and your second horse is 40A. 


The WEDU Inc. Constitution has been amended and submitted to the Dept. of Fair Trading in accordance with regulations and laws. The amendments will ensure the committee is able to operate smoothly and efficiently.

WEDU Committee Meeting Summary of Business

WEDU Inc. Yearly Point Score Criteria           


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