How do I join Working Equitation Down Under (WEDU Inc.)?

Via Clubs Nominate. There are three types of adult, under 18 and club. Please refer to Join WEDU page of this website for more information and link.

Why should I join WEDU?

There are many benefits of joining WEDU and for a small yearly fee individual and clubs can become part of a supportive and encouraging Working Equitation community. The Join WEDU page has a full list of benefits.

What tack and rider attire do I wear to a competition?

The WEDU rulebook found on the Documents page describes tack and rider attire for English, Australian Stock Horse, Western and Club styles/traditions. If you have tack and attire for a specific breed or another country please email WEDU Inc. with your query.

Does my horse have to be a Spanish or Portuguese breed?

No, WEDU welcomes all breeds of horse and pony. 

My horse was never done obstacles before. Can I join WEDU?

Yes. WEDU affiliated clubs run regular practice days. These days are designed to slowly and safely introduce your horse to the obstacles. This can be done on the ground and at a walk. As you and your horse gain confidence with the obstacles then you can learn to do the obstacles at a trot and canter.

How do I find out about Working Equitation competitions near me?

WEDU affiliated clubs organise and run competitions run under WEDU rules. The calendar on this page lists the competitions of all affiliated clubs. For information on how to enter contact the organising club.

What age can I start to compete my horse in Working Equitation?

3 years old, Lead Line, Introductory and Preparatory levels allow 3 year old horses to compete.

Do I have to be able to canter to compete in Working Equitation?

No. WEDU's 3 lowest levels are walk and trot only. Level 4 Preliminary introduces non compulsory canter between obstacles and a simple canter circle in the dressage test.

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