• As per NSW Government requirements clubs must have a Service NSW QR code to be scanned by all individuals on site at club activities. It is easy to organise this unique QR code via NSW Health website,, and it is a free service. It is also recommended that a paper copy of attendance is also kept.

  • As of October 20 2020 NSW Health Covid-19 restrictions have eased. Outdoor gatherings of up 30 people including at sporting facilities are allowed.

  • From July 1 2020 Community sports were allowed to resume.

  • From September 24 2020 community sports are no longer restricted by regions.

  • Social distancing and strict hygiene protocols should be followed at all events and activities.

  • Due to unforeseen natural disasters and Covid-19 pandemic the 2019/2020 WEDU Inc. Point Score will not take place this financial year. Pointscore will recommence in January 2021.